A Bandeira - SILLEDA

A Bandeira is another town in the council that historically and traditionally, always gives lodging to pilgrims and has all kinds of services for that necessity. It is famous for its markets which are held on the 14th and 29th of each month and especially the Festa da Empanada, Pie Festival, (August), which is declared a Festival of Gastronomic interest.

D. Jose Espiño Matos, the priest of this town, an authority on the Camiño who has a number of publications to his name, kindly attends all requests.

We leave A Bandeira by the road and then turn right, just when we have 33 km. remaining to reach the Holy Door, to take a path that runs between fields. We pass Vilariño, Piñeiro and later San Martíño de Dornelas, which has a beautiful Romanesque church with a circular apse, that testifies to its antiquity. Almost at its feet, is a fountain that will help us to regain our strength.

Now the landscape begins to change hues and at chito 26.762 km we leave this charming and hospitable municipality to enter into A Estrada council. Here the meadows, pine and oak woods give way to eucalyptus trees until you come to San Miguel de Castro with its lush hydrangeas forming hedges and where we stop briefly at the shrine of Santiago. A sharp drop on tarmac track leads us to the hermitage of Gundián, in the middle of a beautiful meadow with a fountain that invites us to rest. There are about 3km left to Puente Ulla along a tarmac track, which we approach via the old bridge.


Shelter in Sports Hall.
Phone: 986 58 00 00 / 669 599 777 / 660 663 145 (Rules of use)     

Medical Centre.
986 585 706. Next to the way.

Parish Hall.
Phone: 986 585 336. In A Bandeira, on the way.

Cultural Centre Vista Alegre.
Exiting A Bandeira. On the way.

Taxi Service: 986 585 466.On the way.


Restaurant Victorino.
On the way.

Bodegón Zaus. On the way.

Nearby: Bar Arume.  Bar Bernabé.

Hostal Conde Rey
Tlfno.: 986 58 58 61


Hotel Victorino.
Phone: 986 585 330. On the way.

Hostal Conde Rey.
Tlfno.: 986 58 58 61
On the way.

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