Festa do Carneiro ó Espeto - MORAÑA

Traditional songs refer to Moraña as a land of stonemasons and mule drivers that travelled between the hills and the sea. And it is here that wild horses still run free, only to be subjected to the traditional rapa das bestas. Judging by the remains discovered here, this magnificent landscape has been a wealthy source of agriculture and livestock for man since prehistoric times. History has given rise to this festival held on the last Sunday in July, a magnificent culinary, farming and rural celebration, that has only been improved upon by the contributions made following the comings and goings between Latin America, which delights in its barbecued and grilled meats. The Festa do Carneiro ó espeto is one of those time-honoured traditions that simply get better and better as the years go by. Salnés wine is an essential ingredient in this feast, which includes succulent roast lamb served on the banks of the River Umia, accompanied by poetry and songs and pleasant conversation.