Sendeiro dos Muíños de Barosa - BARRO

Traditional architecture / Ethnography 

This pathway is located in the enclave known as the “River Barosa Nature Park”, an essential resting spot on the Portuguese Road to Compostela, as it passes through the municipality of Barro.

The topography in this park is unique, as the River Barosa cascades through, giving form to the Fervenza da Barosa (waterfall), at a height of thirty metres. Together with this cascade seventeen mills were built, the Upper and Lower Mills, forming a hydraulic complex of great interest.

The first section of the trail runs from the Lower Mills to the bridge of San Breixo, where you can leave the main route and visit the seventeenthcentury church of the same name, from where there is a marvellous view over the valley.

Following the PR-G 105 we come across more mills, some of which are very well preserved.
On the second stretch lies a recreation area with a typical tavern, where a circular path begins across the bridge of A Búa and comes back along the right hand side of the river to the bridge of San Breixo, where the end of the route is marked.

From here you can do the first stretch of the route the other way and come back to the car park.


On the N-550 from Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis, in the town of Barro we will find the board that signposts River Barosa Nature Park.

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Characteristics of Nature routes

  • Path environment Route crossing the river, where the mills are contemplated cascaded