Antigo Mercado Popular - AGOLADA

"We could not say that the monument, one of a kind in Europe, was in Agolada, rather it was Agolada which was in its ancient fair. It was borne of it and lived by it." These are the words of Filgueira Valverde, the expert on Galician art. The use of the past tense was due to the threat of its total destruction in the 1970s. Although it has lost some of its essence and its view has been spoilt by the adjacent buildings, it can still be appreciated. It is a space created for the rituals of the market: bartering, buying and selling, haggling, meeting, cheating and winning, shaking hands and paying out, "pulpo á feira" (preparing octopus). There are lots of markets which remain, closely linked to rural life, but here in Agolada they are all decorated with granite masonry. 

Stalls and cabins were quickly and easily set up for the day at the market using a simple yet efficient technique of placing stones. Pebbles, stones and large horizontal flagstones are put together for counters and benches; without mortar or nails or ornamental luxuries.

The result is several narrow lanes that make for a pleasant stroll. An oak tree helps to centre the market area around and it is easy to imagine the voices of yesteryear.

Characteristics of Civil architecture

  • Centrico Yes
  • Accessibility Yes
  • charge admission No