Fervenza de Férveda - SILLEDA

Beautiful spectacle of water, light and sound, formed by a cascade of water Férveda river in the parish of Escuadro, with a height of about 17 meters and at an altitude above sea level of 502 meters. It constitutes an area of ​​high landscape value that is part of the Brañas de Xestoso and participates in the Natura 2000 European project as a Site of Community Importance. It is part of the high number of cascades and waterfalls of Concello of Silleda.

In fragas where birds nest falls are not abundant in Galicia, like crows (Corvus Corax) and hawks (Falco peregrinus). The mild climate, forest diversity so that the laurels (Laurus nobilis), holly trees, oaks (Quercus robur) and chestnut (castanae sativa) are present. Near the river, in the well-preserved banks, there is a gallery forest trees moisture lovers such as willows (Salix atrocinerea), alder (Alnus glutinosa) and ash trees (Fraxinus angustifolia).

The Fervenza of Férveda is surrounded by legends, in which elements of Galician folklore as the Grade de Ouro, the Hen and Chicks Oro that appear on the morning of San Juan or cos treatment Mouros included.

How to get

From the N525 or 640 you can be accessed by going to the place of Escuadro, near the church in known as Muíño Varela. From there a trail of 2.7 km very comfortable that will take us directly wellsite do Salto starts.