Fiesta del lacón - SILLEDA

Date: 1st Friday of July.

Importance: Since 1999 the town of Silleda has held a fiesta exalting the qualities of ham, a typical product of the area.

Ceremony: Tasting of the typical dish in marquee. Traditional music groups entertain the diners and to round off the night a closing performance by well-known orchestras.

Organization: Dinner begins at ten in the evening under the marquee set up in the Praza da Feira Vella. Average attendance is about 1,500, which gives an idea of the prominence it has acquired in such a short time. The difficulty of preparing the dish in two styles, boiled or roasted, is exceeded by the collaboration of the bakeries that generously offer their ovens at no cost and a Lalín company who prepares the boiled product. Thus, the 270 lacones (hams) are ready to serve.

The Organization advises to reserve early and pay in advance in the usual places.

Other details:
Start time: 22:00 h.
Menu: Roasted or boiled ham, cheese with quince jelly, bread, wine and soft drinks.
Note: It is advisable to book a table in the usual places.