GR 53 Panorámico de Vigo - VIGO

Landscape interest
This itinerary skirts the municipal borders of Vigo across its mountainous side, giving remarkable views of the city and the ria. 
It is a route designed to show people from this large city the natural environment that spreads out just a few metres from their homes. A series of forest parks have been located in parishes in Vigo District which, equipped with everything necessary for leisure and rest, are decisive in this pathways massive success at weekends. 
There is also place for history, however: the Fragoselo petroglyphs, the dolmens in the area of El Mercantil and the remains of the old defensive wall of Monte O Galiñeiro. 
Rural architecture in Chandebrito and Fraga, the beautiful site of the As Maquías mill on the River Zamáns, autochthonous forests and this whole natural environment far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, making this a highly attractive and much-visited pathway.