Sendeiro Natural Aciveiro-Candán - FORCAREI

General interest 

This is a 15 km circular route which begins and ends at the well known monastery of Aciveiro. Walking towards the village of Vilaverde, it crosses the Lérez river, very near its source, surrounded by numerous tree species, until it reaches A Rochela, an ancient apiary (alvariza) which is proof of the former presence of bears in these high mountain ranges of Pontevedra.

Then, among meadows, thickets, quagmires and small forests it rises along the gentle slopes of the Sierra de O Candán, a natural area that forms part of the European project Natura 2000. The route gently descends towards the village of Lamasgalán de Arriba where a primitive cart trail leads walkers to the village of Lamasgalán de Abaixo.

While enjoying the area’s landscapes and humanized ecosystems, it leads us to the beautiful old bridge of Andón, and later along the banks of the Lérez river in search of the monastery. The houses, bridges, mills and stone crosses of Forcarei are samples of the renowned work carried out by the stonemasons from these lands

Access: From Santiago and Ourense along AP-53/AG-53 or N-525 to Lalín; continue along PO-534 to Aciveiro. From Pontevedra along N-541 and in Cercedo take PO-534 to Aciveiro.


Characteristics of Nature routes

  • Travel Recorrido circular