Serra do Suído - A LAMA


They have in common the mountains of the so-called Galician mountain ridge, which crosses the centre of Galicia, eroded high plateaus with few areas over one thousand metres, sufficient to form a barrier which receives the intense Atlantic rains. Generally, moor and gorse predominate on the high plateaus, although there are many examples of native forests and coppices on the slopes. All this is special to each of the mountains, and also in the mountains of O Suído, in the Pontevedra municipalities of A Lama, Fornelos de Montes and Covelo, and Avión and Beariz in Ourense.
It is common to find pasture land on the high plateaus, and it was precisely because of this that the chozos were built. They are robust constructions (whose origins date from the Middle Ages) with granite walls and roofs of large stone slabs on top of which reeds were laid to act as insulation. Inside, a series of arches made them surprisingly spacious. These shelters can be reached on a route which starts in Avión. Examples of these shelters can be found in Cernadas and San Xusto, which has the added attraction of the Avia spring where this important tributary of the Miño arises.
On the Pontevedra side, oak woods are an important point of interest. The main one is the A Xesta wood, near A Lama, which also has a hill walking route to the Foxo do Lobo area, devised for wolf hunting.