Parque e Carballeira de CALDAS DE REIS

It is not hard to associate Caldas with water. Firstly because of the springs at more than 35 ºC which give the name and fame to the spa town. And secondly due to the river Umia passing through it. A beautiful historical park (BIC) shades the right bank where the river crosses the pilgrims´ path on the Portuguese road to Santiago.

Every summer this area becomes a river beach and water recreation centre. The centenary trees belonging to exotic species that mainly come from the American continent and the autochthonous carballeira form this magnificent "riverside park".

The main access to the enclosure is made through a pedestrian area, close to the municipal library and a sort of prolongation, with the national highway running through it, of the town´s central avenue, which has a good palm tree grove and is aligned with the church of Santa María. The garden receives us on both sides of the entrance with busts of the brothers Mosquera, linked to the founding of educational institutions. Other ornamental elements are the fountain dominated by the bust of Laureano Salgado, promoter of the production of hydroelectric energy in Galicia. And, especially, the pilgrim´s fountain, which is the park´s central element, surrounded by exuberant vegetation. 

The woodland includes imported large-size specimens, such as the Lebanon cedar, the Brazil monkey puzzle tree, tulip poplars, large-flower magnolias, the Catley guava tree, the balsam of Peru. And own species raised to the category of ornamental such as laurel trees, walnut trees, hazelnut trees and hawthorns. In this sense, the Caldas park reveals its educational value in the best tradition of botanical gardens.

In addition to an area marked out as a children´s play area, the bank on this stretch of the river is protected by a row of balconies. It is a beautiful viewpoint over the waters, which in winter continue to flow abundantly. 

Characteristics of Squares and gardens

  • Centrica Yes
  • Pedestrian Yes