2º Tramo: Bendoiro - Outeiro: 29,4 km

Trazado total

  • Longitud:  29,4 kms.
  • Dificultad: Media
  • Duración estimada: 7 horas.

Bendoiro-Silleda: 9,2 km, duranción 2 h. 20 min.

Desde Prado, el Camino toma dirección Silleda, de cuyo núcleo urbano parte el desvío de 2km que conduce al santuario de A Saleta.

Silleda-A Bandeira: 7,5 kms, duración 1 h. 20 min.

A la salida de Silleda, la ruta pasa por O Foxo, Margarida y Chapa, para luego atravesar Bandeira, A Codeseira, Piñeiro, Castrovite y Loimil.

Abandona entonces el término de Silleda para adentrarse en el de A Estrada, hasta Valboa, Arnois, A Calzada y A Veiga, y finalmente entra en Vedra por Ponte Ulla.


Albergue de peregrinos de Bendoiro

Free use kitchen

Bicycle shelter

Price: 6 €


Capital of the municipality of the same name, of 2,500 inhabitants, with all kinds of amenities, famous for having a major trade fair that holds international exhibitions and their famous biscuits called Melindres. It welcomes us offering, for a short break, a cosy park next to the church with comfortable benches under a beautiful pergola that finishes in an attractive fountain where we can fill our water - bottles.

After passing in front of the Town Hall, a noble building with ample balcony and 19th century bell tower, where we can get information and have our credentials stamped, on leaving the town we continue along the path which branches off to the left and passes through the villages of Foxo de Deza, former municipal capital with a medieval street lined by beautiful historic buildings of the 18th and 19th centuries,Margaride and Chapa, to the village of A Bandeira.

In the hamlet of Chapa we can enjoy evocative scenery, passing through another medieval bridge of the 10th century. Just before the overpass we recommend a break in a rest area known as "O Muíño de Covián". After passing the viaduct over the motorway to Santiago, we continus to the town of A Bandeira, the second most important conurbation in the council.


Hostel in A Bandeira Campsite. Street of Louráz (36 plazas) 
Phone: 670 50 23 56.

Town Hall: 986 580 000. In Silleda on the actual Camiño.

Civil Protection: 660 663 145. Camiño.
Industrial Park. 24 hours.

Medical Centre:
(at 100 meters. Phone: 986 580 230. 24 hours)

Civil Guard (Police): 986 580 071.

Church: 986 580 032. Located on the actual Camiño.

Taxi Service: 986 580 172. Chito 40,772 km.
(On the Camiño).


Hotel Residencia Ramos.
Phone: 986 581 212

Hostel González.
Phone: 986 580 156. Has a restaurant.

Hostel Pardo.
Phone: 986 580 126. Meals available.

Fonda Maril.
Phone: 986 580 955. Meals available. 

Pensión do Campo.
Phone: 986 581 204 Has a restaurant.

A Bandeira - SILLEDA

A Bandeira is another town in the council that historically and traditionally, always gives lodging to pilgrims and has all kinds of services for that necessity. It is famous for its markets which are held on the 14th and 29th of each month and especially the Festa da Empanada, Pie Festival, (August), which is declared a Festival of Gastronomic interest.

D. Jose Espiño Matos, the priest of this town, an authority on the Camiño who has a number of publications to his name, kindly attends all requests.

We leave A Bandeira by the road and then turn right, just when we have 33 km. remaining to reach the Holy Door, to take a path that runs between fields. We pass Vilariño, Piñeiro and later San Martíño de Dornelas, which has a beautiful Romanesque church with a circular apse, that testifies to its antiquity. Almost at its feet, is a fountain that will help us to regain our strength.

Now the landscape begins to change hues and at chito 26.762 km we leave this charming and hospitable municipality to enter into A Estrada council. Here the meadows, pine and oak woods give way to eucalyptus trees until you come to San Miguel de Castro with its lush hydrangeas forming hedges and where we stop briefly at the shrine of Santiago. A sharp drop on tarmac track leads us to the hermitage of Gundián, in the middle of a beautiful meadow with a fountain that invites us to rest. There are about 3km left to Puente Ulla along a tarmac track, which we approach via the old bridge.


Shelter in Sports Hall.
Phone: 986 58 00 00 / 669 599 777 / 660 663 145 (Rules of use)     

Medical Centre.
986 585 706. Next to the way.

Parish Hall.
Phone: 986 585 336. In A Bandeira, on the way.

Cultural Centre Vista Alegre.
Exiting A Bandeira. On the way.

Taxi Service: 986 585 466.On the way.


Restaurant Victorino.
On the way.

Bodegón Zaus. On the way.

Nearby: Bar Arume.  Bar Bernabé.

Hostal Conde Rey
Tlfno.: 986 58 58 61


Hotel Victorino.
Phone: 986 585 330. On the way.

Hostal Conde Rey.
Tlfno.: 986 58 58 61
On the way.

Fuente: turismosilleda.es

Albergue-Pensión O Cruceiro da Ulla, Ponte Ulla

El albergue turístico O Cruceiro da Ulla, sito en Ponte Ulla, jardín de Compostela, puerta de Santiago de la Ruta de la Plato o Sanabresa y paso obligado de todo peregrino, fue en su día calzada romana de la cual se conservan las losas de piedra de la época. Ultima parada natural de peregrino, pues se encuentra a tan solo 17km de Santiago.

La propiedad del albergue es  privada y se inauguró el 01 de junio de 2013
La disponibilidad del albergue es de todo el año y con posibilidad de reservar plaza.


Precio:  10 euros
Plazas totales: 32
Nº de plazas en cama de litera:  18
Descripcion de habitaciones de litera : 7 habitaciones de 2 plazas e 1 habitacion de 4 plazas con baño individual todas ellas


Precio:  35 euros
Nº de plazas en habitación con cama doble : 12
Descripcion de habitaciones con cama doble : 6 habitaciones de 2 plazas con baño individual todas ellas
Se sirve menú del día y tenemos una extensa carta de bocadillos, platos combinados… en el restaurante de O

Sabrosos Platos y Tapas.

Albergue con Literas para el Peregrino

  • Lavadero y Tendedero
  • Lavadora (3 euros) y Secadora (3 euros)
  • Calefaccion, agua caliente.
  • Duchas (todas la habitaciones tienen ducha e inodoro)
  • Armarios
  • Frigorífico
  • Botiquín
  • Agua, refrescos y cafe
  • Toallas
  • Wifi Y T.V

Hora de apertura: 10:00
Hora de cierre:     23:00

Se tiene la posibilidad de salir cuando se cierra

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